How do we undertake a case?

Each case that is presented to us is different from the last although many follow a similar theme.

It should be noted that the reason people approach us is because they wish to use our expertise and yet it is often difficult for me to find out from the client what it is they want!

Why is this? Well, our clients have normally spent some time thinking about their case and how they want it solved but the issue here is that they do not know the techniques, systems or know the capabilities we have in what area.

When approaching a Detective with your case, the best way is to tell the Detective clearly what you wish the result to be. For example: I need photographs of my cheating husband or I wish to prove my employee is stealing from me or I need to know where this car goes every day; and we will work out how its done.

What often happens is my client will start to tell me how they wish me to do something, which they can not really do without knowing the tools we have at our disposal! The reason you employ us is because we know and understand how to do it better than you! Which is why you came to us, so when you contact us we will ask you for relevant information as we see fit but we will also ask you for the full and truthful “back story” to the case. The reason for this is so we can have a complete understanding of the case as sometimes opportunities arise we can take advantage of if we have certain information. We may not know what that information will be or when we may use it in the course of your case or indeed if we will use it at all, however by having the whole accurate picture, you end up with a whole and accurate result. So please be as comprehensive as possible and of course always honest..or you could end up putting your own investigation in jeopardy if your hired investigator either doesn’t know something or has inaccurate information.

What we do is confidential by nature and we are not easily shocked. Trust me, we have heard every story imaginable! So be honest and complete with us please.