Employee theft

Sadly there has been a rise in the amount of thefts that take place in the workplace over recent years.

The real estate business seems to be one of the industries that seems to present good opportunities for someone willing to steal from their employers and fortunately this is a very easy issue to overcome.

I have come across (one case in particular) where the employee had stolen over a million krones over a period of a few years. We were able to pinpoint the employee responsible in quite a short period of time; and, confronted with our concrete evidence, the employee found that they were not in a position to argue.

In these times of economic difficulty it may seem like a worthwhile thing to do, from the employee’s point of view, however employers are not getting more savvy in their employee integrity checks and covert employee monitoring. I have seen a rise in such enquiries grow significantly in the last couple of years.

It really is worth investing in the truth if you suspect that you employees may be acting in an illegal manner because from my experience, you will save yourself a lot of money in the long term.