Cost & Expectations of surveillance

Because we understand that our clients do not have infinite resources we like to work out a realistic budget with them. In this way the client keeps control of the cost of the operation and feels more comfortable.

However it does happen that the client dictates at what times he wishes a surveillance to take place, in the mistaken belief that if we do an hour here and an hour there, this will be more cost effective. The truth is that often, this is not the best way in which to operate. Surveillance does need a good chunk of time thrown at it, normally a minimum of ten hours, this is why we normally take a deposit for this amount.

We need to be there well before any movement occurs to cover ourselves if something happens earlier than expected (which it often does) and then of course, to stay with it to get results. By setting aside one time period instead of several small ones, we can focus on a day/time when the action is most likely rather than a hit and miss approach which of course ends up being more costly in the end.

Surveillance is an excellent way to get results but it does mean spending money, but as I mentioned before, this cost can be controlled. It is wise to take our advice as to the best approach for any operation as we will seek the most cost effective manner in which to undertake your case.

Expectations of surveillance vary wildly and it should be remembered that we are not able to work magic! We can only respond to the environment and the situations before us. We simply can not get hold of information that simply isn’t even there or follow someone who is not there anymore.

Some people have trouble understanding that we can not break into peoples houses or into buildings and the like but we do have a wealth of experience and also technology to assist us in ways that prospective clients are probably not aware of.

As a client you need to have a realistic expectation as to what we will be able to do for you, understand the likely results you will gain from us and an idea of how much it is likely to cost. You are not only paying for our professional experience and the use of our technology but for our time. If we go on a surveillance and nothing happens, you will still be charged!

We are always happy to answer your enquiries which may raise more questions which again, we will be happy to answer for you. The more information you give us, the more we can give you, making for a good working relationship with a reasonable idea as to the outcome.